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In order to book more floods, water damage restoration companies need talented marketing representatives who are motivated to see your company thrive. Hiring a marketing representative isn’t always simple. No matter the size of your company or the exact structure of the position you are hiring for, you need to find someone who believes in their ability to exceed expectations.

One of the biggest challenges we face during the process of hiring a marketing representative is building a salary structure that is motivating but won’t put your company at financial risk. Before you can settle on a salary, however, there are three essential tasks you must complete first.

Define the Responsibilities

Not all marketing representatives are identical. In fact, when you’re hiring a marketing representative for a small business, thinking outside of the box is encouraged. Your company has a unique set of needs and the only way to meet those needs is to approach the hiring process with some flexibility.

This is why we believe that defining the responsibilities of your marketing representative must be the first step in the hiring process.

In a more traditional role, a marketing representative will be the face of your company and their main responsibility will be making your phone ring. In this role, they’re making a commission based on their ability secure new business for your company.

This doesn’t have to be the structure of this position, however. For some small businesses, hiring an entry level marketing representative might be the better choice. In this position, the right person will complete tasks, like setting up appointments with contractors and insurance agents, and be paid a commission for each task completed. This is a good fit for a company that would prefer to hire part time or prefer the owner be the face of the business for the time being.

No matter what you decide your company needs, make sure you have clearly defined the responsibilities of your new marketing representative before you begin the hiring process or discussions about salary.

Create Systems for Responsibilities

Once you understand the responsibilities of your new marketing representative, the next logical step is to create systems that will help them succeed. The benefit to this kind of forward thinking is the ability to show potential new hires what their day-to-day responsibilities look like and how they can succeed in their new role.

With systems in place, like daily tasks plugged into a detailed check-off list, your new hires will see how you have done the work to set them up for success. When the time comes to talk about salary, performance can feel ambiguous without this clear understanding of how they will pull of what is expected of them in their new role. Systems will eliminate this ambiguity and help you set clear goals.

Set Clear Expectations and Big Goals

No matter the structure of your marketing representative positions, a new hire’s ability to complete tasks and perform well under pressure will ultimately determine what they are able to make. Because of this, it is important that you set expectations and talk about big goals before settling on a salary.

For example, at Power Dry we have done this by breaking down their earning potential. We show them a potential base pay and then what they could earn in commission. Commission will be determined by the tasks associated with their role. In a traditional marketing representative role, commission will be earned based on the revenue they create for your company. If they’re in an entry level marketing representative position, however, their commission is actually a pay-by-task-completed model, with varying payouts based on a task’s potential to earn for your company.

Breaking their earning potential this way allows you to show them the possibilities. You can show what they’re expected to earn, the bare minimum they need to do to succeed in their first year. Then, you can show them a big goal, what you’d like them to earn if they are highly motivated to do well in their new role.

At More Floods, hiring and paying marketing representatives is an issue we troubleshoot often. With access to online support and systems built specifically for this hiring process, the members of our network can confidently move forward with filling the marketing representative role. To learn more about joining More Floods, click here or call 1-866-667-3356.

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