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Making Hiring Simpler With a New Hire Packet

Hiring is an intensive process that can seem intimidating to many small business owners at first glance. For new businesses, it is often the owner making the hiring decisions and keeping the paperwork straight for the first several months until they add a human resources department to their company.

Navigating the process of making good hiring decisions, while sticking with the anti-discrimination laws that guide your record keeping, can be simplified. With a repeatable hiring process based around a new hire packet, you can be certain you are staying on track with each application received, each interview scheduled, and each final hiring decision you make. Here’s what you need to know about putting together a new hire packet for your company.

Why a New Hire Packet?

New hire packets serve three essential purposes for your company. Without implementing this process, you better prepare yourself for a difficult and messy hiring process. First, they keep your business compliant with hiring laws. By keeping all required forms in one place, you can be certain you are covering all the bases and have ample documentation if a problem arises in the future.

New hire packets also streamline the hiring process. Without everything your need to interview and evaluate an applicant properly compiled all in one place, it’s nearly impossible to make sure you are following the same process for hiring each and every time.

Lastly, new hire packets help new employees transition into their roles within your organization. A good new hire packet will include information on company policies, a description of their job responsibilities, and an outline of orientation requirements.

Putting Together Your New Hire Packets

Preparing new hire packets in advance is the easiest way to make sure you’re prepared to interview and hire new sales employees. Here’s a breakdown of what belongs in each and every packet.

  • New Hire Check Off List. The front page of every packet should be a detailed list of what the packet contains. From tax forms, to job descriptions and training materials, this check off list requires the hiring manager to acknowledge that they’ve gone over the essentials with their new employee.

  • Employment Application. Once you’ve decided to pursue an applicant as a potential hire, pull their application and resume and add it to their new hire packet.

  • Questions and Notes From Interviews. We suggest having a standard set of questions you use at each interview. Print a new copy for each potential hire, take diligent notes, and add them to the packet. This is a good place to include any notes from calling references and previous employers as well.

  • Employment Eligibility and Tax Forms. Federal and state laws require completion of tax forms upon hiring. Additionally, an I-9 must be completed before their first day of work to guarantee their eligibility to work in states.

  • Payroll Forms. Include direct deposit forms to be completed at hire so that your new employee can be easily added to the payroll system.

  • Job Description. Each new hire packet should include a copy of the job description, along with their compensation package and benefits, that includes a spot for the new employee to acknowledge they have read and understand their new role in the company.

  • Employee Handbook. All employees should have their own copy of the employee handbook. Attach their copy to the new hire packet along with a form they sign acknowledging they have taken the handbook home with them.

  • Outline of Training Process. It isn’t required by law that you outline the training process in the new hire packet, but it is certainly a helpful addition. Include a check-off list that guides your new employee through making sure they are being taught the essential skills for their new job.

As you compile these documents, remember to keep security in mind. Completed new hire packets will include confidential employee information and should be store in a locked cabinet that can only be accessed by approved personnel.

Systems Making Hiring Simple

A new hire packet should be the system that guides each subsystem within your hiring process. Having a repeatable hiring process that is organized and automatic is essential to avoiding a complicated and messy hiring process.

At More Floods, we’ve developed proven systems for keeping hiring simple. To learn more about resources available to the members of our network click here or call 1-866-667-3356.

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