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Running a Business in the Success Stage

Each stage of running a small business in water damage restoration is thrilling, but there is something especially exciting about the success stage. This is the third stage of growing a company. It is a milestone marked by profit that outweighs expenses. At this point, the work is consistent and your cash flow is healthy. […]

Growing Your Business in the Take-Off Stage

In the success stage, you were told you had a decision to make. Will you maintain your current size or move on scale you business? If you’re dreaming of more for your water damage restoration company, then the take-off stage is what is right around the corner. The goal for this stage is to scale. […]

Running a Business in The Survival Stage

For owners of a small business in water damage restoration, the second phase of growth is the survival stage. Your business is growing and that isn’t without challenges. Preparing yourself to face the unique struggles of each stage is crucial if you’re going to keep your business alive and growing. While the beginning of your […]

The Stages of Company Growth

As the owner of a thriving small business in water damage restoration, growing your business is likely one of your top priorities. As your business grows, you can expect certain challenges along the way. In fact, these obstacles are so common in the company growth process, we’ve been able to outline them into stages. Moving […]

Creating Referral Relationships With Carpet Cleaners

We Provide You the Formula for Success More Floods provides non-franchised restoration companies unique business systems and exclusive training and education that unlock high growth. We are a member-based network of independent restoration companies.  Our members are the envy of their local competitors because they have exclusive rights to use our proven formula – unique […]

The Power of Networking for Creative Thinking in Business Ownership

Creative problem solving is a part of what we do each day as business owners in the water damage restoration industry. Unfortunately, we often try to create solutions on our own, operating our companies without support or friendship because we’re fearful of competition or feel we’re too busy for the time and effort networking requires. […]

Creating Systems For Your Water Damage Restoration Company

Water damage restoration companies who become a part of the More Floods network get access to resources developed over the course of several years. These systems were created with the growth and scaling of Power Dry in mind. They’ve been tested in real time, perfected, and used over and over again. They’re honestly an invaluable […]

Water Damage Restoration Systems: Our Story

Many of our readers already know that long before More Floods was even an idea, we began Power Dry. In 1988, Greg and Ed founded the business in Kansas City and we became the first company in the area to specialize in water removal and drying services. Since then, we’ve seen amazing growth. We now […]

3 Things That Must Happen Before You Talk Salary With Your Marketing Representative

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In order to book more floods, water damage restoration companies need talented marketing representatives who are motivated to see your company thrive. Hiring a marketing representative isn’t always simple. No matter the size of your company or the exact structure of the position you are hiring for, you need to find someone who believes in […]

Mind Your Own Business: Rethinking Competition

If you’re a business owner, you have competition. And, as the owner of a water damage restoration company, it’s healthy to take a look at your competition from time to time. What isn’t healthy, is spending your valuable time obsessing over what your competition is doing or how they are performing compared to your team. […]

Is the Flood Damage Business Right for You?

For homeowners and business owners burst pipes and flash floods are rare occurrences, but in the water damage restoration industry we clean up after the messes caused by unexpected water damage on a daily basis. This is an incredibly busy industry and there seems to always be a need for smart, hardworking, and reliable entrepreneurs […]

5 Tips for Hiring Flood Damage Support Staff

The toughest aspect of running a water damage restoration business is finding hard working staff you can trust to represent your company. Small business owners consistently report that their biggest headache isn’t paying the bills or staying organized behind the scenes—it is hiring the right people for the job. Too often, flood damage companies rely […]