5 Challenges Every Restoration Company Faces – Starting With Hiring

In this first installment of our 5-part series on common restoration business challenges, we focus on what is frequently called the top challenge reported by owners and managers – hiring in the restoration industry.

It’s no secret that hiring capable and motivated people is much easier said than done. Human resource studies have demonstrated that attracting and retaining great talent can easily exceed five figures in recruiting fees. That’s a lot of money for one good team member! Even when you do hire someone competent, there’s no guarantee they will stick around for any length of time. That’s because your competitors are also looking to hire good help, too—and they’re willing to pay.

Recent findings published by catalyst.org shows that the U.S. employee turnover rate is averaging 22% per year. Another way of looking at this is to recognize the chance that your entire staff could turnover during the next 5 years. On top of that, fewer people are entering the general trades, including the restoration business. This trend is creating a serious talent shortage. Fewer candidates mean fewer opportunities to hire the right people into your business.

Fortunately, these difficulties can be overcome. With good planning and hiring systems, you’ll be able to overcome the challenges of finding and retaining top talent. Here’s how:

Do Your Due Diligence in Hiring for Restoration Employees

You may be tempted at times to take shortcuts in your hiring practices. Don’t. It’s a gamble that could stack your team with individuals that may not be well-matched or fully committed to their job. Instead, take the time to evaluate potential candidates. Review their resume or portfolio of work history. Conduct thorough interviews and make decisions that set the business up for long-term success.

Create Employee Personas to Optimize Your Restoration Hiring

For every job that you need to fill, think about the characteristics and behavioral traits required for that position. You can create a list of compatibility expectations to define further what you’re looking for in a new employee. If you take the time to identify what you’re seeking to begin with, you’ll be better able to spot potential job candidates that are a good fit.

Use Screening Assessments to Hire Smart for Your Restoration Business

High-quality screening assessments can further help you to recognize candidates that fit into your company culture. They are an effective way to filter applicants through a system of preset goals that define what traits/behaviors you want in an employee and what you would accept. It allows you to streamline your evaluation process, helping you to prioritize candidates through the viewpoint of your company culture.

Focus Your Hiring Criteria on What Matters for Your Restoration Business

A piece of advice: You might think hiring for skills is the most critical thing… but it’s not. Instead, you should primarily hire for traits, attitude, and aptitude. Skills can be taught later. When you’re hiring someone in the restoration industry, think about who you want that person to be. Do you want an expert know-it-all that creates friction and drama at work? Or a less experienced team player that’s willing to learn and adapt?

Take Ownership of Your Talent Search

The best candidates may not be found simply through a help-wanted ad. You have to consider where your ideal candidates are likely to be found. Are they attending job fairs? Do they frequent networking events related to their skills? Are they looking on job search sites or working with recruiting services? Where ever you think your potential employees might be, you need to be too.

Get Visible With Your Restoration Hiring Efforts

To level up your ability to find and retain great talent, you’ll want to make yourself known. In today’s digital-friendly business environment, that’s never been easier. Establish an active presence online that allows you to share your brand and expertise with the world. Use multiple platforms and channels to share information about your company, your services, what a typical day is like, etc. When you’re recruiting, let people know! Just be sure you’re clearly communicating what you’re looking for and what’s in it for them. Being visible to your target audience is vital. It takes patience and consistent effort to make your voice heard, but it can pay off in both recruiting and business development efforts.

We Walk in Your Hiring Shoes

While hiring in the restoration industry is no cakewalk, we empathize because we walk in your shoes!  In 1988, we started a restoration business (Power Dry) and scaled it to become one of the largest, independently owned operations in our market. Over time, we figured out what it takes to own and operate a profitable restoration services company successfully. And in 2005, we began providing our systems, methods and tools to other restorers across North America. We are now hundreds of restoration companies strong in the More Floods member network.  Need more resources to help in your hiring efforts?  Download our free article, Making My Restoration Business Work Without Me, for real-world insights and free tools you can use!

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