Exceed Restoration Customer Expectations

What would you say is the cornerstone of a successful water damage restoration company? Is it the quality of the drying services? Is it punctual arrival at the customer’s home or business and timely completion? Is it a knowledgeable team? All of these things affect success, sure, but if you look closely at the most […]

Managing Your Water Damage Restoration Company Remotely

Many business owners begin their entrepreneurial journey with the hope of more personal freedom. Too often, owning a small business ends up meaning the exact opposite — we end up feeling like we can never step away for fear of things will falling apart. This way of managing a business, always being on the clock, […]

3 Things That Must Happen Before You Talk Salary With Your Marketing Representative

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In order to book more floods, water damage restoration companies need talented marketing representatives who are motivated to see your company thrive. Hiring a marketing representative isn’t always simple. No matter the size of your company or the exact structure of the position you are hiring for, you need to find someone who believes in […]

Mind Your Own Business: Rethinking Competition

If you’re a business owner, you have competition. And, as the owner of a water damage restoration company, it’s healthy to take a look at your competition from time to time. What isn’t healthy, is spending your valuable time obsessing over what your competition is doing or how they are performing compared to your team. […]

Attracting the Right Employees for Your Water Damage Restoration Company

Finding the right person, someone who is talented and hardworking, to join your water damage restoration team isn’t an easy task. There is a lot that goes into scouting and hiring new employees, as most business owners are already aware. One little detail that too often gets missed is what you have to do to […]

Stories as Internal Marketing Tools

When was the last time you used a story to get a point across? Storytelling is a communication tool many of us use daily without being aware of it. We retell an experience we had the night before for the laughs or explain an interaction with a customer because it taught you something new. Storytelling […]

Want a High Performing Team? Try These 5 Leadership Strategies

Here at More Floods, we often talk about company growth. We’ve discussed the everyday steps and big picture decisions you can make to ensure that your company is growing and scalable — from social media marketing to keeping a healthy cash flow. Today, we plan to look more closely at how you can cultivate a […]

Answer the Phone!

For some water damage restoration companies, answering the phone may seem common sense. The truth is, we work in a busy industry and even the most efficient industry experts can let this responsibility slip when they become too focused on the other aspects of day to day operations. When it comes to marketing your company, […]

Hiring an Office Manager for Your Water Damage Restoration Business

When your water damage restoration business is just getting off the ground, hiring an office manager may seem beyond what your company can afford. As the owner or general manager of your small business, you will only be able to manage office operations for a short amount of time. Sooner rather than later, you will […]

Top 10 CRM Systems for Small Water Damage Restoration Companies

Looking for a better way to manage and grow your small to mid-sized restoration marketing and sales? Customer relationship management (CRM) software can make a huge difference. There is no doubt that for customer-facing businesses, having CRM software is a must. Unfortunately, it’s easy to succumb to ‘paralysis by analysis when faced with so many […]

5 Best Practices for Excellent Customer Service

As a water damage restoration specialist in your area, setting yourself apart from the competition isn’t simply about offering the highest quality restoration work. Of course, doing the best work in your city and the surrounding areas plays a huge part of building a strong reputation, but what will really set you apart is excellent […]

The Process of a Water Damage Job


In our years of experience working in the water damage restoration industry, the team at More Floods has perfected the step-by-step process every water damage job should follow. Through trial and error, we have seen exactly what works and what doesn’t. Creating More Floods was centered around our goal to enable water damage business owners […]