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As a restoration contractor, your skillset is focused on the services that homeowners need: cleaning up a disaster and returning the property to its original condition. While it would be great to spend all your time on the job site, you need to manage other realities of owning a business. Lead generation is a big issue that can affect your business. If you don’t have new leads coming in, then the revenue source will dry up.

Strategic Lead Generation

You’ve probably heard a long list of recommendations to bring in new leads. But if you want to improve the long-term success of your company, then you need to optimize your efforts for lead generation. This is where lead source ratings come into play.

You can spend money on a variety of marketing strategies. However, it’s essential to ensure that they actually pay off. What is the return on investment (ROI) for your marketing? You don’t have a bottomless bank account to pay for unlimited marketing. So, it’s essential to invest your money and time wisely by selecting the most effective lead generation methods.

The key to effective lead generation is to work with the channels that are tried-and-tested. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! Instead, increase the chances of success by “fishing in the pond with the most fish.”

Where to Connect with Customers Who Need Your Services

Ultimately, the goal of an effective lead generation strategy is to connect your company with the customers who need your services. Industry relationships can be a valuable way to bring in the right customers. Look through your current channels to compare the quality of leads.

If you’re in the business of residential water damage work, then your leads are likely coming from two categories: industry referrals and online sources.

Most restoration contractors use a combination of industry referrals and online techniques to bring in leads. Figure out what is working best for your company, then you can optimize your spending by focusing on the strategies that bring in the most leads.

Breakdown of Lead Source Ratings

For more detailed information about the quality of these lead sources, check out our free guide that outlines the top 10 lead strategies for restoration contractors. Lead quality, quantity, and cost per lead are used to calculate the final score. Click here to download your free Flood/Water Damage Restoration: Lead Generation Guide.

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