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Referral Marketing for Water Damage Leads is a 27-Touch Branding Process

Referral Marketing Lead Generation

In our restoration company, Power Dry, we’ve been marketing for residential water damage work since 1988. In 2005, when we launched More Floods off the success of scaling Power Dry into a multi-million-dollar market leader in the Kansas City area, it included our firm belief in the mantra ‘marketing is a process, not an event’. […]

Summary of 5 Common Restoration Business Challenges

Wrapping up our 5-part series on common restoration business challenges, we’ve shared some actionable tips on how they can be addressed. An overarching summary of these include: Challenge 1: Finding and Retaining Top Talent for Your Restoration Business Your people are vital to the success of your business. Yet finding and retaining talented, hard-working employees […]

Lead Generation for Your Restoration Company

Restoration business lead generation

In the 2nd installment of our 5-part series on common business challenges in the restoration industry, we focus on lead generation for restoration companies.  If you missed our first installment (hiring), check it out here. There’s More To Lead Generation for Your Restoration Company Than Meets the Eye! Even in the best of times, running […]

Rating Lead Sources for Restoration Contractors

As a restoration contractor, your skillset is focused on the services that homeowners need: cleaning up a disaster and returning the property to its original condition. While it would be great to spend all your time on the job site, you need to manage other realities of owning a business. Lead generation is a big […]

Top 7 Lead Sources for Restoration Contractors

What is the most effective strategy for bringing in more leads to your restoration company? The majority of your marketing budget should be focused on lead generation – but you need to be sure that you are investing your time and money into sources that will pay off in the long run. You can optimize […]

Where will your next residential water damage restoration lead come from?

There are a wide variety of sources for residential water damage jobs, from customer referrals to partnerships with insurance companies and online marketing. If you don’t know how work is finding its way to your company, you’re not equipped to grow or scale your business. If you don’t understand what your strongest source of water […]

Building a Referral Relationship with Insurance Agents

Last week, we established the importance of referrals for growing and scaling a water damage restoration company. We looked at how specialists could build strong relationships with plumbing contractors, which are one of the most steady sources of business for restoration businesses. Today, we want to shift gears. We want to take a quick look […]

How Much Time Should Small Business Owners Spend with Customers?

According to the Harvard Business Review, most business owners are only spending a small portion of their time with their customers — as little as 3% of their working hours. This means that there are many weeks when business owners are only spending around two hours with the people who are arguably the most important […]

What Restorers Should Know About Marketing to Their Target Audience

For small businesses, including water damage restoration specialists, the world of online marketing and social media provides so many benefits. One benefit is the ability to target a specific audience easily and effectively at little cost. When you market offline, through print advertising, billboards, or television ads, you have very little control over who will […]

What is the Definition of a Good Water Damage Restoration Lead?

As an experienced water damage restoration specialist, you know just how important it is to develop an organized process for managing jobs from the first phone call to final payment. Given that a single lead can cost you hundreds of dollars, it isn’t enough to be good at just cleaning up after water damage. In […]

Integrating Online and Offline Marketing for Water Damage

As an owner or manager of an independent water damage restoration company, the weight of marketing your company both online and offline rests primarily on your shoulders. By now, we are sure you have realized that the list of places and mediums where you can spend your precious marketing dollars seems endless. There is search […]

Water Damage Lead Generation: Friend Or Foe?

water damage lead generation

How to set leads for water damage work There are a number of ways to get water damage leads. Two of the main avenues are Internet leads and referral based marketing. This article will detail some pros and cons to both. Some advice on marketing for your business is to not count on one source. […]