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Many of our readers already know that long before More Floods was even an idea, we began Power Dry. In 1988, Greg and Ed founded the business in Kansas City and we became the first company in the area to specialize in water removal and drying services.

Since then, we’ve seen amazing growth. We now work an average of 110 water damage jobs each month. Everyday, we feel so grateful for the chance to serve this area. We love Power Dry and the team we employ and we love how running that business taught us what we needed to know to begin More Floods. More specifically, Power Dry taught us the power of water damage restoration systems.

Our Need for Systems

When we first started our company, we didn’t have a full understanding of what would be required to efficiently grow and scale our business. With time, we realized it was essential to our success that we learn how to apply business systems if we were going to meet our profit goals. Without systems, each expansion or growth felt difficult and overwhelming. It became clear how easy it would to become burnt out in a short amount of time.

It was never perfect or easy, but we slowly began to build a company that could function without us if we stepped away for the day or took a vacation and it was all because of the systems we created and fine tuned until they worked just right. Without them, we would have never been able to grow quickly while still caring for ourselves and our families.

What systems does Power Dry use?

What systems haven’t we used? Our company has become what it is today because we have been constantly improving our operational strategies.

In Marketing we’ve created systems for maintaining a healthy flow of referrals. We’ve created a complete program for training our marketing reps that is employee led using a check off list. We’ve also created systems for evaluating and maintaining our brand.

On the Operational side of things we’ve got more systems than we could possibly convey in a single article. We use systems to guide all of our HR processes, including posting new jobs, hiring and giving feedback to employees. We have a check-off list that guides the entire process of providing an estimate and then one that keeps up will billing and collecting payments. Our shop and warehouse remains organized because of the systems we have in place and our team members excel in customer service because of training systems we’ve created. Honestly? These systems are just the tip of the iceberg.

Turning Power Dry’s Growing Pains in Your Success

When the systems started to truly work and we saw Power Dry growing by leaps and bounds, we were amazed. We had found systems, sub-systems, and processes to cover every single aspect of our company and it was paying off big time.

Eventually, we knew that what we had learned was too important to keep to ourselves. The water damage restoration industry needs more powerhouse companies that are serving their customers with all they’ve got.

That is how More Floods was born. Today, we work with restoration companies all over the United States and in Canada to help them work toward the same success we’ve experienced. Our members have access to the systems we have perfected through trial and error and get the support to make adjustments that speak to their company’s unique needs.

To learn more about joining our network of business owners in the water damage restoration industry, click here or call 1-866-667-3356.

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