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9 Steps to Creating Effective Systems in Your Restoration Company

It might seem like a lot of work to build business systems for your restoration company – but these efforts can go a long way to set you up for success in the future. In order for your company to operate in busy months and slow seasons, you need to have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) […]

Running a Business in the Success Stage

Each stage of running a small business in water damage restoration is thrilling, but there is something especially exciting about the success stage. This is the third stage of growing a company. It is a milestone marked by profit that outweighs expenses. At this point, the work is consistent and your cash flow is healthy. […]

Running a Business in The Survival Stage

For owners of a small business in water damage restoration, the second phase of growth is the survival stage. Your business is growing and that isn’t without challenges. Preparing yourself to face the unique struggles of each stage is crucial if you’re going to keep your business alive and growing. While the beginning of your […]

The Stages of Company Growth

As the owner of a thriving small business in water damage restoration, growing your business is likely one of your top priorities. As your business grows, you can expect certain challenges along the way. In fact, these obstacles are so common in the company growth process, we’ve been able to outline them into stages. Moving […]

Creating Systems For Your Water Damage Restoration Company

Water damage restoration companies who become a part of the More Floods network get access to resources developed over the course of several years. These systems were created with the growth and scaling of Power Dry in mind. They’ve been tested in real time, perfected, and used over and over again. They’re honestly an invaluable […]

Water Damage Restoration Systems: Our Story

Many of our readers already know that long before More Floods was even an idea, we began Power Dry. In 1988, Greg and Ed founded the business in Kansas City and we became the first company in the area to specialize in water removal and drying services. Since then, we’ve seen amazing growth. We now […]