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Make Sure Your Water Damage Salespersons Are Paid on Commission

When it comes to marketing a water damage company, there are many strategies a small business can employ to secure more leads and increase the profitability of their business. Even the decision of whether you will pay your salespersons a salary or on commission can affect the overall sales of your company. At More Floods, […]

How to Motivate and Retain Your Staff

When you manage a flood damage restoration business, it can be very hard to find high quality staff you can count on. Once you have found the right people for the job, motivating them to continue giving their best to the job and retaining your staff for the long-term is just about as hard as […]

5 Tips for Hiring Flood Damage Support Staff

The toughest aspect of running a water damage restoration business is finding hard working staff you can trust to represent your company. Small business owners consistently report that their biggest headache isn’t paying the bills or staying organized behind the scenes—it is hiring the right people for the job. Too often, flood damage companies rely […]

Top 10 Sites To Find Restoration Employees

Finding qualified, reliable employees is the toughest part of running a successful company and consistently ranks as the biggest headache for owners.   Get away from Craigslist and the local newspaper and branch out into some of these industry resources & websites the next time you’re hiring in your disaster restoration company. It may just […]

We host live training webinars with our members every month!

We host live training webinars with our members every month and add the recorded videos to our training library on our members-only website for on-demand viewing. Here’s what we’re covering in October: 1. The Power of a Marketing Assistant 2. How do I turn a marketing VISIT into a marketing EVENT? 3. Job of the […]

3 Simple Steps to a Better Hiring Process

Finding & hiring the right people for your company is a headache from start to finish. It’s not fun and you’d rather be doing something else…anything else. Here are 3 simple things that you can do the next time you’re looking for “the right person” to help soften that blow.   It’s not about you. […]