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When you manage a flood damage restoration business, it can be very hard to find high quality staff you can count on. Once you have found the right people for the job, motivating them to continue giving their best to the job and retaining your staff for the long-term is just about as hard as finding them in the first place. Water damage restoration is hard work, it is physically exhausting and the hours can be demanding and inconsistent. However, our years of experience working in the flood damage restoration industry have taught us the secrets to motivating and retaining staff.

Hire the Right People

If you truly want a support staff who is motivated to work hard and will remain loyal to your company for the long-term, you have to begin by hiring the right people for your job. Hiring the right people requires developing an extensive interview process and relying on referrals to guide your search.

Reward Your Employees for Hard Work

When you hire hardworking staff for your flood damage restoration business, it is important that you reward them for their hard work. This begins with paying them a fair and competitive wage. Quality support staff is hard to come by in the water damage restoration industry, and if you don’t pay them what they are worth, they will move to a company who will.

In addition to offering a competitive wage, you can also reward your employees by paying them bonuses for exceptional work or going above and beyond what is expected of them.

Communicate Expectations Clearly

Unless your support staff understands exactly what is expected of them, they cannot perform to your standards. Because of this, it is important that you clearly communicate to your staff the rules and guidelines you have put in place. Outline company policies clearly in an employee handbook and review these policies on a regular basis.

Offer Regular Training and Continued Education

Through regular training and continued education, you can provide your employees with resources they need to develop their skill sets and grow as a professional in the water damage industry.

At More Floods, we offer the operational resources and marketing materials necessary for running a successful and professional water damage restoration company. When you become a member of the More Floods network, you will have access to training for your staff as well as the hiring materials that will aid you in your search for the right staff.

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