Is the Flood Damage Business Right for You?

For homeowners and business owners burst pipes and flash floods are rare occurrences, but in the water damage restoration industry we clean up after the messes caused by unexpected water damage on a daily basis. This is an incredibly busy industry and there seems to always be a need for smart, hardworking, and reliable entrepreneurs to launch a water damage restoration company in their area.

However, just because there is a high need for business owners in this industry, that doesn’t mean this job is right for everyone. Water damage restoration is a unique business to work in and there are many advantages and disadvantages. Is the flood damage business right for you? Keep reading to find out.

You will need plenty of capital before getting started.

While some business may not require a lot of capital before launch, in the flood damage industry you must have plenty of capital in order to purchase supplies, advertise your services, and hire the right employees and this is all before you land your first job.

There will be slow seasons with little to no income.

The water damage industry seems to change at a moment’s notice. In a week’s time you may go from being too busy to keep up to having no work on the books. Before jumping into the flood damage business, carefully consider if you will be able to weather the slow seasons and maintain yourself and your business financially while you wait for business to pick up.

You and your employees will be on the clock 24/7.

Flood damage business is emergency business. Because of this, there will be time when you have to take a job at 9 p.m. on Friday night or early on Saturday morning.

It’s a dirty job.

The water damage industry is about more than cleaning up water. When a business or home floods, you can expect it to be a dirty job. You and your employees will routinely find yourself scooping poop and working in filthy environments.

Hiring the right employees will not be an easy task.

Because of the demanding schedule and gross nature of the industry, it can be difficult to find hardworking employees. Once you have hired employees, you will need to properly train them and find a way to keep them employed during slow seasons.

You will have to work with difficult people.

In the water damage industry, we work with third party administrators and insurance claims adjustors on a daily basis. We also face difficult clients who refuse to pay after a job is completed.

So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to join the flood damage business? If so, we believe you find the work to be very rewarding. Even with the slow seasons, it can be a very profitable business and since floods happen all of the time, your business will be somewhat recession proof.

There are a lot of hard working and trustworthy people in the industry who can assist you as you take your first steps towards becoming a part of the flood damage restoration business. To learn more about the marketing and operational resources available to members of More Floods, call 1.866.667.3356 or click here and one of our experienced and professional team members will contact you.

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