Use Mobile Technology to Spend Less Time on the Road

In the water damage restoration business, spending a lot time behind the wheel of a truck is part of your job. When your team members are regularly driving to and from job sites in company vehicles, any way you can cut back on miles is a plus. Save money on labor and gas and save your trucks from excessive wear and tear by using mobile technology to spend less time on the road.

Keep Close Tabs on Traffic

Traffic may be the biggest culprit to blame for time wasted on the road. This is one area where mobile technology can be a time and money saver for your company. Using crowdsourced traffic apps, such as Waze, your team can keep a close eye on traffic on their way to a job site, adjusting their route to avoid delays.

Stay on Track

Ever since GPS was made available on the first mobile device in 1999, it has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Don’t take this mobile technology for granted by assuming everyone on your team knows how to operate GPS. Make sure each member of your staff are adequately trained to use GPS to find the fastest route to a job site and avoid getting lost on the way.

Check it Off

Have you ever realized, a mile into your drive or just as your are pulling into a job site, that you left an essential tool behind? There is perhaps nothing quite as frustrating to a small business owner than a simple mistake that costs them both time and money. Avoid emergency runs back to home base by using mobile technology to implement a truck check-off list. At the end of each job and before hitting the road for the next job, require your staff to work through a detailed check off list kept on a mobile device that includes everything that should be stocked, cleaned and tested on the truck.

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