The Real Reason Water Damage Restoration is Such a Challenging Industry

It doesn’t take long working in the water damage restoration industry before you realize the work we do is unique and it is full of challenges. From the start, there are emergency calls on the weekends, long hours spent doing the physically taxing work of sifting through sewage and tearing out damaged materials.

Of all the challenges of the water damage restoration industry, there is one that stands out above the rest. In the restoration world, unpredictability is expected. You never know when you will have a lean month or when business will be booming. Being unable to rely on water damage jobs to consistently fall in your lap is definitely the most difficult aspect of the work we do.

Water Damage is Rare

When you have grown accustomed to cleaning up after water damage on a regular basis, it is easy to forget that water damage is actually a rare predicament faced by homeowners. Typically, a home won’t experience water damage any more frequently than once every 50 years.

Water damage is unexpected

Damage caused by floods in a home isn’t just rare, it is unexpected. While most homeowners expect and even plan for making updates to their landscaping or replacing outdated appliances, no one plans to come home to a flooded basement. And when a flood does happen? Their main focus is getting the problem fixed quickly, not doing careful research on contractors in their area.

Referral marketing: the solution to your biggest challenge

Because of the challenges faced in the restoration industry, you have to actively look for jobs if you want your company to remain profitable. The real trick to getting as much work as possible is referral marketing. Through referral marketing, you build relationships with the people who will hear from homeowners first when they face water damage. This means, working with local plumbing contractors, cleaning companies and insurance agents to build a referral program that rewards them for sending new business your way.

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