Be A Problem Solver

Albert Einstein famously said, “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

That is certainly true of growing your client base when you work in the water damage restoration industry. If your typical methods of nailing down more work is no longer doing the trick, now is the time be a problem solver. Find creative ways to attract more business when your old methods aren’t helping you reach your goals.

Do you have something to offer your target market that goes above and beyond actual restoration work? Think of the relationships you have been working to build with insurers, agents and adjusters. Consider what you can offer them to strengthen those ties, you might be surprised it has little to do with your work in restoration.

  • Share newly learned skills in social media marketing with other small business owners in your area. Once they learn just how successful you have been using Facebook to market your services, they’ll be anxious to implement your tricks and tips at their business.
  • Act as a networking liaison in your area. Connect individuals and small business owners with the local services they need. By referring your web designers, truck mechanics and plumbers, you can build your reputation as the type of person who is eager to help others succeed.
  • Use your social media page and blog to share helpful tips for homeowners. Make your blog a useful experience for readers by sharing valuable information for homeowners, such as tips for lowering energy costs or ideas for preventing frozen pipes during the winter.

Since water damage restoration is an emergency service, you want your business on the minds of the plumber, insurers and adjusters who are the first responders to a water damage crisis. Build your reputation in your community as a problem solver and the calls will start coming in. For more strategies for remedying a lull in business, click here or call 1-866-667-3356 to learn more about the services More Floods has to offer.

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