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What is Restoration Company Culture

What is Restoration Company Culture?

One of the most important things you can do is foster positive company culture. The environment you create has an undeniable impact on how team members interact with customers and each other – having a domino effect on overall customer satisfaction, quality of service, and more.

How do the values and beliefs that each person holds contribute to their work each day? These firmly held beliefs are known as company culture. The overarching culture you are building is shared in every interaction, defining the context in how both staff and management conduct themselves in the workplace.

Restoration Company Culture: What Is It?

Look up the definition of company culture, and you will see that this phrase means:

  • A set of shared values, goals, and practices that characterize an organization

Consistency is the foundation of company culture, with consistent behaviors shaping how they show up in the workplace. Seemingly small, constant actions add up to bigger results over time. Forbes emphasizes the nature of company culture and why it matters in business – citing it as a prerequisite to success.

Defining Cultural Norms Within Your Restoration Business

Company culture happens organically, regardless of your efforts to deliberately shape the culture within your organization. If you are proactive and intentional about developing company culture, you can establish a mindset and set of principles every team member strives to live by. Otherwise, company culture defaults to the way your staff chooses to show up in the workplace, which can be disastrous if the team members are “just punching the clock.”

Three specific characteristics define cultural norms:

  • Every team member understands the vision and goals of the company.
  • Every team member knows the right way to respond or act in various situations.
  • Every team member shows the company values through the way they conduct themselves.

In your restoration business, proactively developing goals and vision is just the first step. Next, you need to communicate these details with your team members and provide ongoing training, so each person understands the most effective ways to interact.

Focusing on Value-Add in Your Restoration Company Culture

Effective company culture in the restoration industry focuses on exceptional service and quality results, prioritizing a higher purpose: the satisfaction of your customers. Your services improve the lives of these homeowners and their families. Building a culture of excellence ensures top-notch results every time you show up on the job.

One satisfied customer can lead to multiple referrals in the future. While the ultimate goal is to build your business, this process happens organically as you focus on the individual. Over time, every project’s personalized approach results in a reputation that stands out in the communities you serve. Customers can feel that your team truly cares about the quality and outcome, fostering a positive relationship that leads to more business opportunities in the future.

Leadership Shapes Restoration Company Culture

Where should you start if you want to develop a stronger company culture? It starts at the top – in the way leadership is supporting and training their teams. Your restoration company’s founders and leaders have an undeniable impact on the attitudes each team member carries when they show up for work each day.

This company culture is set based on the beliefs and values held by management. These values are transparent in every conversation, interaction, and instruction to employees and customers. When leadership is consistent in their commitment to company culture, it imprints the mindset onto employees through discussions, actions, policies, and decisions.

Where Restoration Company Culture Starts

While ongoing employee management affects company culture, it’s just as essential to ensure that you start on the right foot. Hiring employees that fit your desired culture makes it easier to shape the overall experience you want to provide for your customers.

If your restoration business is large enough to have Human Resources (HR) support, then the recruiting team must be on board with your desired company culture. Hiring staff plays a role by promoting the right company culture through the types of employees they choose for the job. Selecting applicants who have the same beliefs and attitude means that these new hires will thrive in the culture you are developing.

Additionally, company culture is reinforced through onboarding, training, and performance management – with solid continuity throughout the months and years.

Tips for Strengthening Your Restoration Company Culture

How are you establishing strong company culture in your restoration business? Connect with More Floods as helping strengthen your company culture is one of the many areas that we partner with you to help your company have a strong culture and how it influences your overall growth.  

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