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At More Floods, we provide specialized continuing education courses to our members and their employees. Both online and in person at our offices, there are classes covering nearly every topic relevant to operating and marketing your flood damage restoration business. Continuing education may seem like one more thing to add to your too long to-do list, but we believe business owners and managers should prioritize education and training for their staff. Read on to learn why regular training and education of everyone involved in your business is a crucial part of your success.

#1. The Flood Damage Restoration Industry is Always Changing:

If you work in our industry for long enough, you will quickly learn things never stop changing. Each year, trends for repairing and cleaning up after water damage change and policies for working with insurance agents evolve. Continuing education allows you to remain up-to-date and relevant in this business, which never stays the same.

#2. Acquire Specialized Training:

Even if you have thoroughly trained each new employee you bring in the door, there are areas of specialized training they can pursue to advance their career and benefit your company.

#3. Keep Your Employees Sharp:

Sometimes, when we get used to doing the same thing each day, our skills get rusty or we begin to treat our work as commonplace. Continuing education can provide your employees with the boost they need to keep their skills sharp and their knowledge of the industry current.

#4. Market Your Business with Additional Certifications:

The water damage industry is a competitive business. In order to compete with other restoration specialists in your area, you need to offer something they don’t have. Training courses can equip you with additional certifications in mold clean up, water damage, natural disaster response, or vandalism clean up, all which can ultimately be used to further expand your business.

#5. Personal Growth:

Continuing education largely serves the purpose of benefiting your business, but did you know it offers significant benefits for your personal life as well? Continuing education is known to be related to a wide range of personal benefits including increased self-confidence, a decreased risk of dementia, and a higher IQ.

When you become a members of the More Floods team, you are equipped with the operational and marketing resources you need to successfully run your water damage restoration business. This includes access to our library of online webinars and the ability to register for onsite training at our newly expanded offices. To learn about becoming a More Floods member, click here or call 866.667.3356 to request more information.

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