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Consistency in Your Restoration Business Operations

In this 4th of our 5-part series on common challenges in a restoration business, we focus on consistency in your restoration business operations.  If you missed our 3 previous installments, you can check them out  – Hiring, Lead Generation and Profitability. The whole of your restoration business is only as healthy as the sum of […]

How Thinking Outside the Box Saved Us Money on Production Team Compensation

In the water damage restoration industry, compensating production team members can be an overwhelming task. We spend large amounts of our operating budget on this expense, dedicating 20 percent of our gross revenue to the compensation of production staff. This 20 percent goes straight to their wages, it doesn’t include social security payments, matching taxes, […]

Do You Know Your Numbers?

At More Floods, we work to equip the water damage restoration businesses we partner with to effectively market their business, generating more leads and more income from their marketing efforts. While it is incredibly important to work hard to market your business, it is equally important to keep track of the results of your efforts. […]

How to Get Paid on a Timely Basis

Whether your client plans to pay cash or you expect to receive payment through their insurance provider, getting paid on a timely basis is crucial to your profitability as a water damage restoration business. Failure to place payment as a top priority is taking a big risk. As a small business, healthy cash flow is […]

Make Sure Your Water Damage Salespersons Are Paid on Commission

When it comes to marketing a water damage company, there are many strategies a small business can employ to secure more leads and increase the profitability of their business. Even the decision of whether you will pay your salespersons a salary or on commission can affect the overall sales of your company. At More Floods, […]

What’s the Difference Between a License and a Franchise?

At More Floods, we are a member based licensing company working with individually owned water damage restoration companies all over the country. One thing we notice when we talk with people about what we do is that they sometimes assume we are a franchise or don’t understand how licensing works. Keep reading to learn more […]

Get Your Water Damage Estimate Out The Door

As an experienced water damage restoration specialist, you know better than anyone that this business moves fast. When a homeowner experiences water damage as the result of a flood, they have one thing on their mind: they want their home cleaned up as quickly and affordably as possible. For business owners, a flood can disrupt […]