6 Tips for Organizational Resilience in the Restoration Industry

Our country is facing economic challenges that have a ripple effect in all industries. How has your restoration business been affected? History shows that we can always expect cycles of growth and recession in the economy. So, now is the time to ensure that your business is resilient to overcome the fluctuations that will inevitable […]

Top 7 Lead Sources for Restoration Contractors

What is the most effective strategy for bringing in more leads to your restoration company? The majority of your marketing budget should be focused on lead generation – but you need to be sure that you are investing your time and money into sources that will pay off in the long run. You can optimize […]

Customer Experience: Two Primary Groups in the Restoration Industry

Customer Experience in Restoration

Where are you focusing your efforts on improving the experience customers have when interacting with your restoration company? This experience is a critical factor that determines whether a person will buy again in the future, how they will respond in online reviews, and if they will refer friends and family in the future. While it’s […]

Pros and Cons of Franchising a Restoration Company

Restoration Company Franchising

Robert Kiyosaki said it best: “If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.” This saying holds true if you are building a restoration business. Starting as an independent company can seem exciting, then quickly turn overwhelming when you face challenges that pop up along the way. […]

Why Peer Networks Are Essential in the Restoration Industry

Restoration Peer Networking

Even the most motivated entrepreneurs can’t build successful businesses alone. If you want your restoration company to thrive, then you need to look for ways to maintain peer networks in the industry. This strategy doesn’t mean that you need to join a franchise organization. Instead, you can maintain your independent business structure and still maintain […]

Working Smarter in Your Restoration Business: Create New Systems

The dream of owning a small business often turns out differently than imagined. Business owners hope to create more schedule flexibility and financial freedom, but find that they are stuck spending long days at the office. How would your restoration business perform if you were to step away for a few days or weeks? While […]

Exceed Restoration Customer Expectations

What would you say is the cornerstone of a successful water damage restoration company? Is it the quality of the drying services? Is it punctual arrival at the customer’s home or business and timely completion? Is it a knowledgeable team? All of these things affect success, sure, but if you look closely at the most […]

3 Tips for Extracting Yourself from Your Restoration Business

How well would your restoration business operate if you stepped away from it? Would it keep running smoothly, without missing a beat? Or would it crumble from within? For some restoration business owners, the answer is the latter – without them at the helm day in and day out, the business itself would falter and […]

Restoration Company Culture – Your Secret Weapon – Part 3

Restoration Company Culture

In our ongoing series on company culture and its impact on your business growth, we tackle the importance of culture to your restoration company.  This is the third installment to the series, so if you missed the first two, go here for part one and here for part two. Culture is Currency The average American […]

Restoration Company Culture – Your Secret Weapon, part 2

Restoration Company Culture

Assessing Your Company’s Culture In part two of our series on company culture, we address how to assess your current company’s culture.  If you missed Part One of our series, click here. Not every business has had the foresight to completely figure out their long-term plan for growth. In reality, very few businesses do this, […]

Running a Business in the Maturity Stage

For a water damage restoration company that has reached the maturity phase, the work is far from over. The daily operation may look very different than it did way back in the existence phase, but the business owners aren’t coasting or working any less. Instead, this is a phase with a new focus. The goal […]

Growing Your Business in the Take-Off Stage

In the success stage, you were told you had a decision to make. Will you maintain your current size or move on scale you business? If you’re dreaming of more for your water damage restoration company, then the take-off stage is what is right around the corner. The goal for this stage is to scale. […]