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Wrapping up our 5-part series on common restoration business challenges, we’ve shared some actionable tips on how they can be addressed. An overarching summary of these include:

Challenge 1: Finding and Retaining Top Talent for Your Restoration Business

Your people are vital to the success of your business. Yet finding and retaining talented, hard-working employees are among the more complex problems that owners face in today’s business environment. Fewer young people are entering the general trades, making it more competitive to find and train young employees. More experienced candidates can be expensive to recruit.

But, good planning and hiring systems will go a long way in helping you to attract the right people into your business. Remember:

Challenge 2: Lead Generation for Restoration Companies

Lead generation is vital to get right. But at times, it can be counterintuitive in this business. You might assume that running some ads and billboards will make your phone ring non-stop, but that isn’t always the case. Often, it’s about your brand-building efforts, delighting existing customers, and taking care of your employees.

Even so, there are direct actions that you can and should be doing to create more business:

Challenge 3:  Maintaining Profitability in Your Restoration Business

There’s no point in operating and growing your business if it isn’t profitable! Keeping more of what you earn is the name of the game. Here’s a review of the critical solutions to making this happen:

Challenge 4: Consistency in Operations in Your Restoration Business

Everything in your restoration company is connected to everything else. If any part or person in your business is not performing, the effects will ripple throughout the organization. Over time, this lack of operational consistency will degrade the performance of the whole company. This can result in lower returns and potentially even failure.

Business is a team sport. Make sure you optimize operations by implementing the following solutions:

Challenge 5: Scaling Your Restoration Business

Growth at all costs is a clumsy and unsustainable approach to business. Conversely, scaling is managed growth that is planned for before it happens. It requires forethought and preparation in advance of anticipated growth. Processes and systems are implemented and standing by to handle the sudden expansion of a business.

Address your efforts to grow your business by scaling with the following strategies:

Every restoration business faces a myriad of challenges. Whether they be those listed in this summary or things altogether different, it’s guaranteed you will encounter them. That is not unexpected. Fortunately, there are solutions to be found! In our experience, those who are willing to do whatever is necessary to rise above their challenges will always find a way to do so.

Success Leaves Clues

There’s a lot to know in this industry. But you don’t have to learn it all in the school of hard knocks! As seasoned owner/operators in the restoration business (we also own our own restoration company, Power Dry), tap into our years of practical experience and advice by downloading our free guide: 5 Business Challenges Independent Restoration Company Owner Struggles With…And Ways to Address Them.

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