More Floods


Even though many industries have been affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19, there are opportunities for business growth if you are proactive in staying ahead of customer demand. If you own a restoration business, it’s a great time to reassess your systems and find ways to build in stronger organizational resilience for future growth.

Organizational resilience means that you are prepared for inevitable changes in the future. When something happens, you don’t have to worry about it taking your business down. Instead, you can anticipate changes and adapt as needed, helping your business bounce back – or even flourish – as we ride the wave of economic challenges.

Why Restoration Companies are Resilient

Several characteristics of restoration services make this industry resilient, even when economic difficulties happen. Not only does your business provide critical repair services, but some of your offerings are mandated for business and residential safety. As you look for ways to expand your services, make sure you are prepared to serve a variety of customers. This strategy gives you the edge of helping customers who are insulated from the downturns.

Natural disasters will continue to happen, which means that restoration services will be needed. In fact, the number of natural disasters in recent years is on the rise. Not only will harsh weather conditions continue, but it’s inevitable that water damage happens because of flooding issues, leaking pipes, loose hoses, and other plumbing problems.

When damage is occurring to homes and buildings, the structure isn’t usable without cleaning up the mess. As a result, restoration services are an essential part of maintaining the function of the building. When the economy is tight, people tend to save their money for repairs instead of buying new products. This demand increases the need for restoration services, resulting in huge growth opportunities for restoration contractors who are ready to tap into the opportunity.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Even though restoration businesses are positioned to weather the economic storm, some companies are suffering. The difference between a restoration business that thrives and another company that sinks lies in the adaptability of services.

One of the biggest mistakes that could harm your organizational resilience is putting “all your eggs in one basket.” If you specialize in non-emergency restoration services, such as industrial cleaning, then your lead source might dry up when the economy is turning down. On the other hand, if you offer a mix of essential and non-essential services, then you will always have a way to serve the demands of your company.

Emergency damage repair is the most recession-proof service you can offer in your restoration business. When a flood happens, homeowners and building owners must take action fast, regardless of what is happening in the economy. Learn more about leveraging your business by offering these critical services. We have a detailed guide you can download to learn the most effective steps to improve your organizational resilience. Click here to download 6 Ways to Gain Organizational Resilience for Your Restoration Company.

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