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Where are you focusing your efforts on improving the experience customers have when interacting with your restoration company? This experience is a critical factor that determines whether a person will buy again in the future, how they will respond in online reviews, and if they will refer friends and family in the future. While it’s important to improve the experience for your direct customers, don’t underestimate customer experience for the referring party as well.

Customer Experience for Loss Victims

Experiencing a loss or damage in the home can be an emotional time, which is why customer experience is more important than ever. Here are a few details that will shape the customer experience for loss victims:

As you are optimizing the customer experience, consider the most important touchpoints you have with each person along the way. A loss victim forms an opinion about your company before they call, during the first interactions, throughout the cleanup project, and when the job is complete.

Customer Experience for the Referring Party

Additionally, it’s smart to optimize the experience offered for the referring party. This customer experience is shaped by:

Ultimately, much of the customer service for the referring party is based on how their customers are treated. If you are proactive in providing quality customer experience for the loss victims, then it increases the likelihood that the referring party will be satisfied by the experience as well.

Tips for Optimizing Customer Experience

Are you looking for ways to improve business systems so you can easily optimize customer experience? Download our free guide: Customer Service is the New Branding. We share a detailed list and guidelines to help with boosting customer experience for both loss victims and the referring business contacts.

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