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More Floods provides non-franchised restoration companies unique business systems and exclusive training and education that unlock high growth.

We are a member-based network of independent restoration companies.  Our members are the envy of their local competitors because they have exclusive rights to use our proven formula – unique operational and marketing systems, experienced guidance, education and training not available anywhere else in the industry. 

We have a 20+ year track record of proof – in any and every market and situation.

Benefits of Fostering a Great Company Culture

Regardless of the industry, most successful businesses focus on developing a strong company culture. This principle applies to restoration companies: positive company culture fosters employee happiness, which boosts overall customer satisfaction. What are you doing to develop good company culture for your team? Here are some of the reasons why these efforts should be high on your priority list:
  1. Employee Satisfaction
Do your employees show up to work each morning with smiles on their faces and a positive outlook for the day? While work-related stress is unavoidable, you can lighten the load with the right company culture. Ultimately, the goal is to help each employee feel happy and satisfied in their activities each day. Creating a good work-life balance is a key principle. Help each person feel appreciated in the workplace, and give them opportunities to prioritize time with their families as well. Vacation days, employee recognition, and positive reinforcement are all steps that help to establish employee satisfaction. Also, look for opportunities to ask for feedback so you can adjust the workplace to accommodate employee needs.
  1. More Sales and Higher Profits
When you have a positive company culture, it has an impact on employee productivity. Happy employees are more effective in their job responsibilities, which has a downstream effect on how they treat customers. In a service-based business, such as the restoration industry, this relationship between employees and customers is significant. Higher employee satisfaction leads to higher customer satisfaction. When you keep the customers happy, you can expect to see a boost in revenue through repeat sales and referrals.
  1. Innovation and Initiative
Growth and development opportunities in the workplace play a role in the satisfaction of your employees. People like to feel purpose in their jobs, and ongoing training and education opportunities are part of the process. As your employees learn more about the restoration industry, you’ll naturally see innovation within the organization. In addition to training, also look for technology investments. Your employees perform better when they have access to use high-tech solutions, such as thermal imaging cameras. These technology advancements elevate the quality of services offered, improving the efficiency and results of inspections and customer consultations.
  1. Hire Top Talent
Good company culture is an effective way to attract the highest quality employees. When candidates are looking for new work opportunities, company culture will play a role in these first impressions. People want to work in a positive work culture, which gives you an edge in the industry if you are providing a positive environment for new hires and long-term employees. Not only is it easier to hire employees when needed, but your company culture will also play a role in employee retention rate.
  1. Strengthen Brand Identity
What is the message you are sending to employees and customers through your company brand? It’s easier to establish a solid, reputable brand when your company culture is founded on good values and beliefs. This brand identity is the “secret sauce” to an effective marketing campaign. If customers feel connected and trusting of your brand, it boosts the likelihood that they will call when restoration services are needed. Good company culture is the engine behind your business reputation, which helps you stand out in the local industry.
  1. Optimize Decisions with Goals
Let a positive company culture infuse every decision – both large and small. When this company culture focuses on the business vision, mission, and values, it naturally influences the decisions made by management and downstream team members. You need to make sure that every decision aligns with business goals, and this process starts by building a solid company culture to drive these decisions.
  1. Future Growth Opportunities
Build a strong foundation for your restoration business, and you will enjoy many growth opportunities in the future. You can reach higher levels of success and profitability when your team prioritizes customer experience and quality services. If you are moving forward with a development and innovation mindset fueled by solid company culture, your business will grow. As part of your company culture, be open to revamping your business model and looking for improved efficiencies. Keep things fresh for employees and customers, and you will notice a boost to the bottom line.

How to Strengthen Company Culture in the Restoration Industry

It’s no surprise that company culture has a downstream effect on almost every aspect of your business. If you are ready to implement the changes that help establish a more robust company culture, check out our free guide: The Secret Weapon for Restoration Company Growth – Company Culture. Click on the link to download your copy.

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