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Finding the right person, someone who is talented and hardworking, to join your water damage restoration team isn’t an easy task. There is a lot that goes into scouting and hiring new employees, as most business owners are already aware.

One little detail that too often gets missed is what you have to do to make your company an attractive place to work. It is easy to assume that the mere fact that you are offering a job is enough to offer a potential employee, but that simply isn’t true. Today’s workforce is looking for more from their next opportunity.

Connecting with New Hire Values

Thanks to research on today’s workforce, we know that now, more than ever, today’s workers want a job that connects with their values. This is especially true of younger employees who are new to the workforce.

Their hope is that the right job will provide for their needs while also providing them with a strong sense of purpose. This type of mindset is a great characteristic of a new hire, it is good to have employees who want more than a paycheck from your company. That being said, it is often a challenge for small businesses to find concrete ways to meet this need for new hires, but it is possible.

Creatively Meet Their Needs

In addition to providing a sense of value to your new hires, your company can be more attractive to talent in the water damage restoration employees by creatively meeting their needs. Find solutions for providing employee benefits like insurance and retirement that work for your company and these employees.

This could look different depending on where your company is at the time. If offering an employer-sponsored insurance plan hasn’t been an option in the past, consider meeting with a broker in your area to discuss options. You may be able to connect your employees with group health insurance without taking on a large expense or you might be surprised by how you can participate in group plans as a small business.

Compensation packages might be another area you have to approach with a level of creativity. When possible, offer a highly competitive salary. If your company budget makes it a struggle to meet those salary expectations, find other ways to compensate like additional paid time off or even the promise of salary growth as your business grows.

At More Floods, we work with water damage restoration companies at all points in the hiring and on-boarding process. By providing proven operating systems and resources, we can be a resource for your company. To learn more about joining the More Floods network, click here or call 1-866-667-3356.

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