Why Communication is Key for a Water Damage Restoration Company

In the water damage restoration industry, communication between company employees and management is key. In order to provide clients with the best possible services, everyone must be on the same page concerning expectations and policies. At More Floods, we encourage owners and management using the operational and marketing resources we have provided them to create a culture of open and clear communication at their place of business. Almost all problems can be attributed to a lack of communication. Continue reading to learn more about why communication is key for your business and how you can clearly communicate for the staff working for you.

The Benefits of Clear Communication

Many professionals have come to believe that communication is the most important skill in today’s workplace. The truth is, although communication is vital to running a business well, it is not practiced well in many workplaces. As the owner of your water damage restoration business it is your job to create an environment characterized by communicating effectively. In order to offer your clients the best possible water damage restoration services, each member of your support staff must have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.

When you communicate clearly in the workplace, there are fewer chances of a step in the water damage restoration process to be missed or forgot. Talking frankly with your employees concerning attire, behavior onsite, and other conduct issues will help them perform best within their position and increase the likelihood of achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. With clearly set standards of each component of your business, you can build a reputation for high quality and detailed work in the region where your business is located.

Create a Culture of Communication at Your Business

Excellent communication between employers and their support staff doesn’t just happen naturally. As the owner of your water damage restoration business it is up to you to create a culture of communication at your business. You can encourage this by creating routines and checklists to ensure expectations are met, including:

●     Conduct weekly or monthly staff meetings to address big issues within the business. Always offered typed minutes to everyone in attendance to create a written record of everything discussed.

●     Create checklists or use the checklists provided by More Floods to ensure each step, from the first phone call to final billing is performed exactly as expected. These checklists could include a guide detailing the information to collect during the initial call, a checklist of everything to document during the initial visit, and a final inspection checklist for when the job is complete.

●     Offer employee handbooks to new hires which clearly explain dress code and conduct expectations, make sure each employee reviews the handbook and leaves with their own copy for personal reference.

At More Floods, we provide owners with the operational and marketing resources they need for their flood damage restoration business. To learn more about what is including when you become a member of More Floods, click here or call 1-866-667-3356 to speak with one of our professional and highly trained team members.

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