Using a Vision Statement to Shape Your Company’s Culture

What are the core values you have for your company? Chances are, you had a good picture of what values and principles you valued most when you first started your water damage restoration business.

Unfortunately, in the hustle of running a business, it’s easy to lose sight of those values. In the day in and day out of hiring, training, and managing restoration work, it’s difficult to see how keep your focus on those values. At More Floods, we suggest using a vision statement to keep your eye on what you value the most. Vision statements are perfect for not only clearly outlining company values, but they also concisely communicate those values to employees, and can serve as a reminder of what matters most to your company during the everyday work of your business. Not sure where to start? Here are five steps for writing vision statement for your water damage restoration company.

5 Steps to Writing a Vision Statement

  1. A brainstorm session is the best way to begin writing your company’s vision statement. Don’t censor yourself, simply scribble down whatever comes to mind. What matters most to your business? How do you want your employees to treat one another? How do you want to treat your clients? What kind of words do you want associated with your reputation? These questions should help you get started.
  2. Get outside opinions. Think of the mentors who have helped you along the way. Get their opinion and thoughts on your vision statement. What words and phrases do they feel most capture your company’s vision?
  3. Define what your business does. Think about the action words that define what is essential to your business. The best way to think about this is to ask yourself three questions. What does this company do for its clients? What does this company do for employees? What does this company do for its ownership?
  4. Decide how your company does the things it does. Think of a few descriptive words that you want associated with your business.
  5. Cut it all down to the essentials. At this point you might be staring at paragraphs of scribbles and thoughts. Take time to circle common themes you see and cross out words that don’t fit your vision. Keep at it until you’ve narrowed down your vision into a single sentence or short paragraph.

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