Two Strategies for Setting Yourself Apart From Your Competition

When you work in home repair and restoration, setting yourself apart from your competition can be a difficult task.

Let’s say you, and your competition, both have state-of-the-art drying equipment, quick response time, and competitive pricing. How are you going to influence homeowners to choose your company over your competition’s? Of course, you could lower your prices, but that only undermines the value of your services and might even encourage your competition to do the same.

Instead, we encourage you to take a different approach. Set yourself apart as a leader in the water damage restoration industry by positioning yourself as a business that offers something special to your region. Here are two ideas for doing just that:

Embrace a Unique Mission

We know that the younger generation of homeowners prefer companies who align themselves with a cause. How could you embrace a unique mission that will appeal to these homeowners? A few ideas could include planning community service days for your team, offering internships and training to struggling young adults, or donating a portion off products to natural disaster relief efforts.

Specialize Your Services

Another way to set yourself apart is by focusing on becoming the best at a single service. For instance, you may choose to have all of your employees extensively trained in mold remediation and then advertise your expertise as something that sets your apart from your competition.

At More Floods, we help water damage restoration companies become competitive in their local market. Through our proven operational and marketing resources, the members of our network can set themselves apart from the rest. To learn more about joining More Floods, click here or call 1-866-667-3356.

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