It’s Time to Let Go of Outdated Photo Documentation Methods

Our business is one of before and after. We step in after a water damage event, hoping to return the space to how it was before. As the contractor, we are focused on the finished product. For the homeowner, the focus is getting their home back so they can return to life as usual.

It makes sense, then, that photo documentation is an essential part of our job. Along each step of the process, we use photos to carefully document the damage that occurred and the work that our crews have done to restore and repair the home.

Unfortunately, many water damage restoration crews are stuck in the past. Of course, they use photo documentation, because it is required by insurance and most homeowners prefer it. Still, their methods of documentation are inefficient and outdated, slowing down the work along every step of the way.

Let Go of Ancient Equipment

The first mistake we see business owners make when it comes to outdated documentation is using outdated equipment because it is what their employees are familiar with. In order to make photo documentation simpler, every water damage restoration company should be willing to invested in updated equipment, such as smartphones or tablets, and modern software that suits their needs.

Streamline Documentation

New technology makes it possible for water damage restoration crews to document in real time, uploading photos and notations right there at the job. However, this isn’t always easy for teams to embrace, and many companies find themselves using time consuming and inefficient methods of documentation.

After investing in modern technology and software, make sure everyone on your team is trained on using the technology onsite. This will eliminate unnecessary steps and increase productivity.

Use a Check Off List to Make it Stick

Any changes made within a business are going to be met with resistance and not all employees with be able to make the transition without struggles. A check off list should be implemented with any new systems, guiding employees through each step until the new process becomes second nature.

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