When I first saw the More Floods ads I was skeptical. I called some members of an organization I belonged to and received nothing but positive comments. I called and talked with Cliff and decided to try them out. What a good move!
Reggie Rooks, Disaster Recovery Services
My first year I grew 200% and in the years since I have grown an average of 37% annually since becoming a More Floods member!
Joel Carmona, AusTex Restoration Inc.
Just wanted to say thanks for a great couple of days. You guys have really got something special there and are filling a demand that is greatly needed.
Brandon Hobbs, Dri-Tek Disaster Restoration
The consistent approach to marketing along with the implementation of many of the systems used in the More Floods program is delivering ever growing results.
David Garrison, Complete Carpet Care
Purchasing this system was one of the Best Business decisions I have ever made...
Cory Liptak, Liptak Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.
This was the best two days of concise information I have ever received!
Myra Taft, After Disaster
We were an established restoration business when we joined More Floods 4 years ago. We have found that we have added 3-4 water losses every month as a result of the More Floods program and that translates into approximately $10,000.00 a month. This is a very conservative number. I believe that the More Floods program is a franchise without the franchise fee and that there is so much value on the marketing side as well as on the operations side. I believe that More Floods is not a matter of spending more money, rather redirecting money you are already spending
Mike Lamunyon, Lamunyon Restoration
One of the most valuable things I have learned from More Floods is that marketing is NOT an event but a process. You can never stop marketing.
Tom Warner, T&T Carpet and Upholstery
More Floods literally saved my business!
James Hoel, DCR Restoration
Within the first year we grew almost 1/2 million and continued at that rate every year since.
Paul Spencer, New Real Restoration
We do not regret our choice to become members of More Floods for one second.
Mike Nagy, All Clean Restoration
Not sure where I would have been without them. I could not be happier with More Floods marketing program.
Jack Bispo, Pro Dry Inc.
The paperwork what we did not have to invent was worth the price all by itself. The system works!
Kevin Clark, Dry Right
The More Floods program has greatly helped us establish an effective plumber program that keeps the work coming in. The plumbers are excited to work with us and have made it very difficult for the competition to keep up.
Art Diamond, Property Restoration Inc.
For us More Floods has been instrumental in creating a system that allows us to be successful in markets that are not traditionally floods markets.
Cory Hansen, Spectrum Restoration Services
I am very impressed with the organization and the information that we received at the training.
Jim Olmstead, Teasdale Fenton
We are having the best year in water extraction history! If it was not for More Floods we would not be where we are today.
Joe Keller, W.E.T.
More Floods program helped me to grow my business where I wanted in 2 years and it would have taken me 12 years on my own.
Jeff Lindemann, Sincerely Yours
Since working with More Floods in 2006 our water damage business has more than doubled!
Phil Stover, Stovers Restoration
The More Floods staff has always been responsive and supportive, a real pleasure to work with. We are happy to be in the More Floods network and we are in it for the long haul.
John Rowe, Certi-Dry