The System

Member Benefits

Savings Ahead

Member benefits include the following:

  • Exclusive customized marketing materials
  • Proven marketing systems
  • Member only log in area including:
    • Special discount from suppliers on equipment and chemicals
    • Discounts on industry training classes
    • Forums
    • Storm center network
  • Support and coaching to achieve goals
  • Constant system improvements and updates
  • Network with top water damage contractors across the U.S.
  • Nationwide network with over 130 members
  • Software updates
  • Monthly branding program


The marketing system is comprised of nine easy-to-follow modules. These are guaranteed to make your company stand out in your territory. Each module includes a step-by-step informational manual, samples of all materials and a disc with check off lists and customizable forms.

Marketing Outside the Insurance Industry

Our systems help you tap into many referral sources that will get you the jobs before the insurance companies can bring in their contractors.

  • Get the jobs before the franchises
  • Three industry specific marketing modules
  • Tailor your marketing to the individuals that can send you work on a regular basis

Tailor marketing to the individuals

Marketing Inside the Insurance Industry

Agents and adjusters are still valuable marketing sources. Our system will show you how to maximize this resource effectively and profitably, without cold calling.

  • Learn the do’s and don’ts with adjusters
  • Create beneficial working relationships with the insurance companies

Quality Materials

  • High quality materials that have been market tested for results
  • Guaranteed to make your company stand out in your territory
  • Professionally customized with your logo and information

Branding Your Company

There are four modules dedicated to branding your water damage restoration company.

  • Consistency in marketing
  • Professional logo design
  • Corporate identity


Although this is called an operational manual, it has a lot to do with marketing. Getting water damage jobs is one thing; keeping them is another. This system provides you with the tools to lock in your referral sources and keep them loyal. It also helps eliminate collection problems and lost equipment.

The complete operational manual

The complete operational manual includes:

  • Industry secrets not taught in schools
  • Systems that take you form the initial call through the billing process
  • On-call help system for after hours work and busy times
  • Check off list for all positions
  • Samples of every form needed to implement the system
  • CD with forms ready to review

Extensive Training

Come spend 2 days with us at our restoration and training facility. See how our successful business operates first hand. We will go through all systems with you for a complete understanding. When you leave, you will know exactly what you need to do.

Training includes:

  • Step-by-step explanation of each system
  • Detailed walk-through of job process; from customer call-in to final billing
  • Overview of every form used
  • Tour of our state of the art restoration facility
  • Networking opportunities with 5-7 other companies in training


QuickBid by More Floods: The 5 Minute Estimator

Our members receive our fast, easy, proven estimating software that was designed specifically for water damage professionals by water damage professionals. This is a tried and true estimator that will save you time and increase your profits!

Our Software:

  • Thousands of estimates have been submitted and paid by insurance companies nationwide
  • In use by water damage contractors across the county
  • Estimate include insurance industry language that will keep adjusters happy and maximize your profits
  • Exclusive scope sheets included for gathering job-site data
  • Laptop detach feature for job-site use
  • Multiple user and network ready
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast—Most Estimates Done in 5 Minutes!

Detailed scope sheets include:

  • Wet and total measurements to automatically figure all calculations
  • List of equipment numbers for each room
  • All possible categories, with easy check-off list, so you don’t miss any charges
  • Scope sheets can be used with most estimating programs