Is More Floods Right for me?

We work with independent restoration contractors big and small and while we’re not a perfect fit for everyone, the restorers who are successful with us are:

  • Looking for ways to overcome the many changes in our industry over the last few years that are negatively impacting profitability and seeking new ways to drive growth instead of relying on weather, programs or plain luck.
  • Trying to respond to new challenges in growing their business.  What got them from Point A to Point B is not working to get them to the next level.
  • Either just starting out or well established, and know that instilling systems and processes in their company is the key to sustained growth

Is More Floods a franchisor?

No.  At More Floods, we are a member based licensing company working with individually owned water damage restoration companies all over the country. Learn more about our ‘un-franchise’ model here.

What does More Floods provide?

We provide complete marketing and operations systems, support, training and materials to accelerate your growth.  Learn more here.

How will More Floods work with me?

  • We help our members build strong referral networks by implementing a proven, proprietary marketing strategy that appeals to the needs of referring parties.
  • We provide everything our member needs to build efficiency and organization in to their operations to ensure maximum profitability.
  • We train our member’s sales person(s) and provide them the complete roadmap and tools to succeed.  This includes ongoing coaching.
  • We provide complete HR systems to help our members identify, attract, hire and retain the best talent across all areas of the organization.
  • We provide unlimited coaching and support to owners in all aspects of managing a water damage restoration company.

What makes More Floods qualified to help me grow my water damage business?

With more than 25 years of trial and error and with the help of hundreds of members, our complete marketing and operational systems will transform your disaster restoration company overnight.  Our founders and staff have direct experience in the water damage industry, and our sister company, Power Dry, does more than 80 water damage jobs every month, using More Floods systems.

Does More Floods provide leads?

We are not necessarily a ‘lead generation’ provider.  We know that to build a successful water damage company, the best way to build consistency in your leads and jobs is through referral-based marketing – making sure the people/organizations the homeowner tends to call first when they have a water damage emergency – the insurance agents, plumbers, and others – in turn, call you to handle it.  Since the average home experiences a water damage emergency about once every 52 years – marketing directly to homeowners is not the best way to generate business.

What does More Floods cost?

Our pricing is based on the size of the population of your protected territory and is a flat monthly membership fee.  Contact us and we can determine if your territory is available and what your cost will be.

Contact us today to learn more about how More Floods can grow your business – guaranteed!