Looking for Growth in Your Water Damage Business in 2018?

Looking for growth in your water damage business in 2018?

Hint – it’s not in more marketing, buying more leads, content marketing, etc.

The real, and most significant factor, in your marketing and growth strategy is…drum roll please – brand preference.  It is the unstoppable force of marketing and business growth.

In water damage restoration, you have multiple ‘customers’.  Primary among them are loss victims, referring parties (insurance agents & adjuster, plumbers, etc.), and your employees.

Effective branding compels people to pay attention to and remember your message, advocate for your services, pay more for them and reinforces their decision or desire to work with and/or for you.

If your marketing, advertising or hiring/retention efforts of the past aren’t generating the returns you’re looking for, the first place you should look is your branding.

Great brands are force multipliers.  They make all your marketing and communications programs more powerful.  A poor, or unknown brand’s, promotional efforts fall on largely deaf ears and blind eyes.

So, in 2018, before you decide where you’ll spend your time and money in marketing channels and hiring efforts, ask yourself:

  • Does your service offer compelling & uniquely differentiated value?
  • Is its essence conveyed in unusually memorable/inspirational ways?
  • At every single interaction with your customers, do they walk away with a consistent, positive experience with you? Whether it’s how you answer the phone, conduct an event, appear in print, or represent yourself online – what is the customer’s experience and is it consistent every single place they encounter you?

These form the essence of a brand, which is then just amplified though your marketing channels.

If authentic growth of your water damage business in 2018 is critical to you, consider joining More Floods.  Our proven marketing and operations systems are designed to do one thing – establish you as the preferred brand in your market.

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