How More Floods Can Help You Dominate Your Territory

In the water damage restoration industry, business owners can’t control when or where water damage happens. The average water damage event happens every 50 years and is as unpredictable as any other disaster. You know better than anyone that the real key to a successful restoration business is learning to capture those floods when they happen in your area.

Of course, you also know just how much competition there is for the water damage jobs available in a given territory. This is why your company has to do their part to dominate your competition through seamless operational systems and effective marketing strategies.

This is where More Floods hopes to step in and be a part of growing your company into a profitable and competitive force in water damage restoration in your area. Since 1988, when Greg Petropoulos first founded Power Dry, Inc., we have been learning through trial and error exactly which systems work for scaling a small restoration business into a highly profitable company.

As a member of More Floods, your company has access to each of these systems. We can provide you with the tools needed for hiring and training staff. We will equip you with the check-off lists for answering phones, conducting site visits and invoice clients. We will also teach you the marketing strategies that are essential to securing more referrals from local contractors and insurance agents.

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