Don’t Make the Mistake of Enrolling Your Employees in Online Mold Remediation Training

As the owner of a water damage restoration company, keeping your employees’ training up-to-date is one of the biggest responsibilities on your plate. Long-term employees need continued education on changing policies and procedures and new innovations in the industry while new employees need thorough onboarding that outlines the best practices of water damage restoration.

We’re all about streamlining and adapting to modern technology here at More Floods, but if there is anything that should be done the “old fashioned way” it is training new employees in mold remediation training.

Why in-person mold remediation training is a non-negotiable.

Online training is certainly enticing. What’s not to love about letting a screen do the teaching while you get back to work? The truth is, online training simply cannot provide the comprehensive knowledge necessary for safe and thorough removal of mold from homes and businesses.

Mold growth is a real threat when water has accumulated in a home. Because of the health risks associated with mold exposure along with the risk of further infestation if spores are left behind, only experienced technicians should be performing mold removal. An online course can fill your employee’s head with knowledge but it cannot provide the experience that hands-on training can.

Training new employees in mold remediation—the right way.

Instead, we suggest any employees performing mold remediation receive one-on-one training from experienced technicians. No graphics or pictures can match expert-training and on-site observing of mold removal. No automated quizzes can replace on-site testing of new skills while experienced technicians observe and critique.

At More Floods, we help water damage restoration specialists like you streamline employee training without cutting corners. Our members have access to our tried and proven training methods and can even attend in-person training facilitated by our company. To learn more, click here or call 1-866-667-3356.

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