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Restoration Marketing Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta Canada

Since 2002, More Floods has been providing hundreds of independent water damage restoration specialists in the United States with the complete marketing and operations systems, support, training and resources necessary for success.  We are excited to bring our proven method of Restoration Marketing to Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia Canada for the first time!

Dominate the water damage jobs market with a hugely successful, proven water damage restoration marketing system that has never been used in Canada.

Exclusive, protected territory using a water damage marketing and operations system that has never been seen in Canada until now.

– Get the water damage jobs before they go to the programs and franchises.

Join a network of 150+ other restoration companies and owners that can provide you valuable insights in to growing your restoration company.

Water damage jobs Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta Canada
Water damage Leads Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta Canada


Independent water damage restorers who are ready to bring more water damage jobs to their Canadian restoration company can get started by filling out the form below or by emailing or calling by 1-855-280-3711.

We look forward to your success! Contact us today!

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- Testimonials -

-“More Floods has helped us implement operational and marketing systems that would have taken us years to develop on our own. More Floods provides excellent support and helped us start our water damage business. We anticipate significant new income in our first year using the More Floods system” – Dean Assiff,  H&M.

– “Our marketing is really starting to pay off. I just wish we had joined More Floods years ago- you guys are great to work with.” – Jon Towne, Towne Restoration, Inc.

-“We will do 30% more Water Losses this year than last year.” –David Garrison, Complete Carpet Care