Best Practices for Negotiation with Claims Adjusters

Let’s be honest, negotiations with insurance claims adjusters can often be frustrating and disappointing. Nailing down the right price for a water damage restoration job shouldn’t be a competition but so often adjusters and contractors feel at odds with each other. When it comes to negotiations, we see the same problems arise again and again. Project managers working in the restoration business are quick to take the defense, assuming the claims adjusters they are working with are trying to short them money. Meanwhile, the adjusters are making assumptions too. They’re too quick to believe every contractor they work with is money hungry.

The truth is, you and the insurance companies you work for have the same goal: returning your client’s home to its pre-loss condition. With the right negotiation practices and really great communication skills, contractors, adjusters and homeowners can all walk away from negotiations feeling like they have met that goal.

  • Get the facts straight: As the expert in water damage restoration, it is your responsibility to make sure you are clearly communicating the facts surrounding the damage and what restoring the property will entail.
  • Use questions to guide the conversation: Instead of focusing on getting your point across, make an effort to understand the adjuster’s perspective by asking plenty of questions and allowing those questions to lead the conversation.
  • Don’t focus on the cost of the job: At the end of the day, all three parties involved are looking for a dollar figure they can work with, but focusing on the cost during negotiations can backfire. Instead, if you can focus on coming to agreement on the scope of the job you may have a much easier time getting everyone involved on the same page.
  • Be willing to compromise: We all walk into negotiations with an end result in mind. It’s vital that we remember our goal is a satisfied client and achieving that goal may require compromise. Be willing to adjust your expectations in certain areas.

Working with insurance claims adjusters is a necessary part of working in the water damage restoration industry. At More Floods, we equip restoration specialists with the resources they need to take the guess work out of every step of a job, including negotiations. To learn more about the benefits of being a member, click here or call 1-866-667-3356 for more information.

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