Why Your Annual Employee Reviews are Ineffective

It doesn’t really matter if you’re working in water damage restoration, managing a hotel or running a consulting firm, annual employees reviews have long been considered standard in the human resources world. However, formal, yearly reviews are losing their popularity, according to Harvard Business Review, all because they are generally ineffective.

Not only do most employers and employees dislike the whole process, they aren’t really accomplishing the desired results. Employee behaviors aren’t changing and they’re not growing at the rates their employers desire. The main reason annual reviews aren’t working is that they are fundamentally designed to fail–they only happen once a year. As it turns out, if employers really want to see improvement in their employees, a once-a-year review doesn’t do the trick.

So should you ditch the review altogether? Not so fast, employees still need plenty of feedback, but they need it on a regular basis. Instead of waiting until the anniversary of their employment to provide feedback and determine whether or not they get a raise, the trick to employee growth is informal check-ins, multiple times a year.

This year, consider changing the way you help your employees grow by embracing three new practices for employee reviews:

  • Provide impromptu feedback when your employee is struggling. Create a culture that encourages open communication between supervisors and staff.
  • Email your staff members following your informal feedback. This allows for documentation of the event and for you to make sure your expectations are clear for the future.
  • Provide small, concrete action steps for change through employee training and regular check-ins to evaluate growth.

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