Adapt Your Business for Success in a Connected World

There is no denying it—we live in a connected world. While our cell phones were once merely a safety net for drivers to call for help in the face of car troubles, they now connect us to endless information and the rest of the world. We can send a quick text to check in with a friend or video chat with a relative on the other side of the ocean. Of course, it isn’t our personal lives alone that have been changed by the development of smartphone technology. The way we conduct business has been completely transformed by our world’s state of constant connectivity.

When it comes to adapting your business model for success in a connected world, there is no if there is only when. The water damage industry isn’t immune from the need to change with the times, adopting mobile technology for daily use in your business is a required best business practice if you want to remain relevant and competitive in your territory. Here are three ways you can adapt your business for success in a connected world:

  • Maintain constant communication: Mobile technology can enable you to maintain constant communication with both your staff and your customers. Keep everyone up to date as the job progresses using text messaging, emails and phone calls, especially if the job changes in any way.
  • Implement and monitor systems: We are believers in the power of using systems to run a business. Through the use of technology, such as industry specific job management software, many systems can be automated and monitored through mobile technology.
  • Increase employee engagement: Instead of trying to enforce rules about staying off smartphones during the workday, why not use mobile technology to increase employee engagement? Assist employees in setting up a work email on their phone and begin using emails to communicate information throughout the day or simply share encouragement with your team.

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