5 Essential Steps of Social Media Marketing for Water Damage Restoration Specialists

Using social media to market your water damage restoration business online is no longer optional. In order to remain relevant in the industry, in order to rise above the competition in your region, your company must learn to use the marketing tools available on major social media platforms.

Dipping your toes into the water of social media marketing can certainly be intimidating, but the good news is that there is a clear formula for success and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. In fact, one of the biggest benefits to social media marketing is that getting started is free! While there is certainly money to be spent on promoted ads, that doesn’t need to be your jumping off point. Learning to use the platform should be your very first step. We’ve put together five essentials steps of social media marketing for water damage restoration specialists to help your get started with confidence.

Step 1. Develop Short Term and Long Term Goals

Before you can start your journey to social media marketing success, you need short term and long term goals. For most water damage restoration specialists, the goal is the same—more floods. Even so, aiming for more restoration jobs or increasing your revenue isn’t good enough. Any goal setting expert will tell you that good goals are specific and measurable. Take the time to work with your team and decide exactly what you hope to accomplish through the use of social media. How many leads do you hope to capture through social media each quarter? What systems will you use to track your progress in this area?

Step 2. Commit to a Consistent Routine in Line with Your Goals

The biggest secret of social media marketing isn’t really a secret. Consistency is the key to growing your following and developing real fans for your business online. Paid ads and attention grabbing giveaways cannot replace the value of logging in and posting on a regular basis. Once you have goals in place, develop a consistent routine in line with those goals. At the bare minimum, you should be posting on your business page once a week. Ideally, you will be posting once or twice a day.

Step 3. Be a Good “Friend”

If you want devoted and engaged social media followers, you should be a good friend first. This means getting to know your audience and other contractors in your area. This step is a two parter.

You need to be engaging with the people who engage with you. This means offering personal responses to any comments on your page.

You need to be engaging with business owners and influencers your know and trust in your city or region. Regularly post shout outs to your page, bragging on another contractor or promoting their services. This builds your image as a company with connections and knowledge of your region and it is a great way to build positive relationships with other contractors.

Step 4. Create Helpful Content

Avoid using your social media pages to post only about the services or products you hope to sell. Of course your page is a way to market your business, but this isn’t what users want to see day in and day out. Instead, build your reputation as a knowledgeable resource in your industry by sharing helpful content. So, go ahead and share pictures from your latest restoration job but follow that up with a post about a homeowner’s checklist for seasonal maintenance. Not only will your current followers appreciate meaningful social media posts, these posts are also highly shareable which increases your chance for exposure.

Step 5. Use Hootsuite to Automate Your Posts

The goal of using social media for marketing is to develop your brand as one that is consistent, engages regularly online and is available for quick responses to comments and questions. This doesn’t mean you should plan to spend all day behind a computer. In fact, there are many ways to automate aspects of your marketing strategy so you can focus your time elsewhere. Using hootsuite, an app that allows you to schedule your posts in advance, sit down and schedule all of your posts for the week on Monday morning or Friday afternoon. Of course, don’t log off and forget to check in each day. You will still need to pay attention to engagement and respond in a timely fashion.

There is no doubt about it, social media is influencing how consumers are spending their money. More and more homeowners, especially the millennial generation, use social media to learn more about the services they plan to spend money on. Neglect strategic use of social media to market your water damage restoration business and it is a guarantee you will miss out on a chance to increase your company’s profits.

At More Floods, we work with our members to develop specific and successful methods for using social media to their advantage. To learn more about the resources we offer, click here or call 1-866-667-3356.

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