3 Industry Trends Every Restoration Specialist Should Take Seriously

In water damage restoration, things are always shifting and changing. As a business owner, staying relevant in our competitive industry is all about staying educated on these changes and adapting your business to new trends. Here’s what you can expect to change in the industry in the coming year.

More Informed Clients

Since the internet makes a wealth of information available on any topic, the average layperson is much more informed. Expect potential clients to have done their research on everything from health risks associated with restoration work being done in their home to the market costs of restoration work to the credentials and reputation of the contractors in your industry.

Because of this, it is more important than ever that you stay educated on changes to the industry and work hard to maintain a reputation as a reliable contractor with competitive rates.

Rising Popularity of Green Products

In the future, you can expect homeowners to show greater preference for contractors who are able to use green products while performing restoration work in their homes. Business owners in the industry must be prepared to adapt their methods to meet these expectations.

Shifting Marketing Methods

We’re not surprised to see that marketing methods have changed so drastically over the last decade and we expect those changes to continue. Expect to rely more heavily on social media to get the word out about your services and don’t forget to stay up to date to changes to the algorithms that determine your search engine optimization.

Of course, we have seen trends come and go but one thing has always remained the same: the most competitive companies in restoration hire talented staff, train them well and develop systems that will produce consistent results every single day. To learn more about how More Floods helps our members do just that, click here or call 1-866-667-3356.

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